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Classroom Environment at Wockhardt Global School

“If the school community is an ecosystem, the learning environment is a critical factor in assessing its health.”

Wockhardt Global School adheres to the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Programme standards and practices, which delineate two distinct types of environments.

School environments play an indirect yet vital role in supporting learning. These encompass physical and virtual facilities, human and fiscal resources, and the organizational structure and operations of the school.

On the other hand, learning environments have a direct impact on supporting learning. They should provide safe spaces conducive to well-being and intellectual development, thoughtful learning support, and a school environment that fosters effective learning.

In the context of the school community being an ecosystem, the learning environment plays a pivotal role in determining its health. While the learner, the learning environment, and the school environment are interdependent, the learning environment serves as the most evident expression of how the school environment is utilized and transformed to facilitate learning and teaching.

Given that learning is at the core of every school in the broader IB ecosystem, strategic planning and resource allocation prioritize learning environments.

These learning environments encompass:

  • People: Both learners and teachers.

  • Spaces: Both physical and digital.

  • Resources: Including content, supplies, and infrastructure necessary to maintain a healthy environment.

  • Policies: Rules and agreements within the school community that uphold and support learning and teaching.

At Wockhardt Global School, we are committed to cultivating learning environments that inspire and nurture the educational journey of every student.

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