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Our journey with Bhagavan Baba Balikaashram.
We had started this wonderful collaboration with Balikaashram last year, on the occasion of our Chairman, Dr. Habil Khorakiwala’s birthday. Each week, a group of six students from our school visits the ashram from 3 pm to 5 pm on Saturday, in order to share their knowledge and joy with students of balikaashram.
They encourage the students of balikashram to join with them in various activities like games, teaching, arts, and so on. Our students share their knowledge of English, mathematics, music, arts, and so on with the other students.
As it is widely said, “Teaching is the best way to learn”. Our students not only become stronger in the subjects they teach but also learn about life from a different perspective. They begin to appreciate everything around them and learn to share whenever and wherever it is necessary.  Our students learn to embrace their skills, become more collaborative, and to face new challenges.
The students were invited to our school and have been our guests during our Annual Day Programme on 21st December 2019. Our students contributed a few usable shoes and toys and have made a difference. We are planning to provide facilities such that the students can utilize resources like laboratories, computers, field events, etc. on our campus.
It is very warm and joyful to see the understanding of kids of this generation and their care towards our world.


Wockhardt Global School stands as the first IB school in Aurangabad. Our mission is to nurture life-long learners who are compassionate about their fellow beings and the environment around them, and who will make this world a better place for everyone.
As a part of our CAS program, we have collaborated with a non-profit organization named, “Habitat for Humanity”. Our students have raised a little fund from their close ones to achieve the purpose of helping a few girl children to access basic sanitary products. Through this, our students have learned to share their joy with others and have even stepped forward to donate their pocket savings to help others. They have also used the opportunity to showcase their artistic skills by designing great T-shirts related to the cause of this activity.
Our students have also participated in the virtual Marathome titled “RUN & LEAD to Celebrate the Joy of Giving “on October 2020” which was organized by Habitat for Humanity, India. They appreciate the act of giving as an Indirect Service.

Wockhardt Global School - Service Activity


Wockhardt Global School - Service Activity

Curriculum (Designed by teacher and non-curriculum based (student initiative supported by teachers /school initiative)
Bhagavan Bhagwan Baalika Aashram – Based on the requirement of the students in the Aashram, our students have planned, designed, and implemented learning engagements to help them develop basic communication skills in English and operational maths. We have also begun enhancing their musical capabilities by teaching simple poetry and songs.
Children from the Aashram will be invited to the WGS campus to utilize our sports facility, computer lab, science labs, art rooms, and library facility to give them equal opportunities for growth.
Students of WGS also attend Model United Nations (MUN) to discuss various global issues and plan to take action in their local contexts.
MYP Vegetable growing – supply to the canteen
We are also planning to create awareness regarding traffic rules by taking part in road traffic control. Students will also visit old age homes to entertain them through singing, dancing, and having conversations. This helps them develop empathy and become caring individuals
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