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Unlocking Language Potential with Wockhardt Global School’s EAL Program

Embark on a linguistic journey with our EAL (English as Additional Language) program at Wockhardt Global School, a leading institution in the realm of language acquisition and comprehensive education.

Key Features of WGS EAL Program:

  • Tailored for Language Development:

    The EAL program, meticulously crafted for students in the Mixed Kindergarten, prioritizes oral language acquisition through immersive activities like books, games, and flashcards.

  • Fluency Enhancement:

    Experience a transformative approach to language learning with our dedicated EAL teachers. They skillfully break down language concepts and rules, fostering increased fluency in English. Through personalized one-to-one interactions, students develop accents and refine pronunciation.

  • Comprehensive Language Skills Development:

    At Wockhardt Global School, EAL teachers play a pivotal role in guiding students to hone their speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. The program ensures a well-rounded language proficiency that extends beyond the classroom.

  • Collaborative Support:

    Our EAL department collaborates seamlessly with mainstream teachers, providing enhanced support for both individual and group learning experiences. Clear and consistent communication is our priority, fostering an environment conducive to language development.

  • Regular Assessment for Informed Learning:

    Continuous improvement is at the heart of our EAL program. Our dedicated teachers conduct regular assessments to track progress, ensuring that the learning journey is finely tuned to each student’s evolving needs.

Empower your child’s language journey with Wockhardt Global School’s EAL program, where linguistic proficiency meets personalized support. Join us in unlocking language potential and building a strong foundation for academic excellence. Your child’s linguistic adventure begins here!

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