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Nurturing Cultural Roots: Home Language/Mother Tongue at Wockhardt Global School

At Wockhardt Global School (WGS), we celebrate the richness of linguistic diversity by giving Mother Tongue Language a distinctive place and identity. Our commitment to cultural inclusivity extends to recognizing the importance of preserving and cherishing each student’s linguistic heritage.

Middle Year Program (MYP) Language Groups:

In the Middle Year Program, students are thoughtfully grouped based on their mother language. This intentional grouping fosters a sense of community and provides a dedicated space for linguistic exploration and appreciation. These small groups convene weekly, engaging in a variety of language-focused activities.

Celebrating Linguistic Diversity:

The heart of our Mother Tongue Language initiative lies in the vibrant read-aloud sessions. During these sessions, students share stories, articles, and literary pieces in their native language. This not only reinforces linguistic skills but also serves as a cultural exchange, allowing students to appreciate the diverse narratives within our school community.

Fostering Language Proficiency:

Beyond oral proficiency, students actively participate in activities such as paraphrasing, summarizing, and crafting book reports in their mother tongue. This multifaceted approach aims to enhance both spoken and written language skills. Students develop a deeper understanding of their mother language, nurturing a strong foundation in communication.

Connecting Generations:

Our Mother Tongue Language initiative is not just about language; it’s a bridge connecting generations. It ensures that cultural heritage is passed down, creating a sense of continuity and pride in one’s roots. The program embodies our belief that linguistic diversity is an asset that enriches the educational tapestry of WGS.

Embracing Linguistic Heritage:

At WGS, we recognize that language is not just a means of communication but a carrier of culture, history, and identity. By embracing and celebrating Mother Tongue Languages, we empower students to navigate the global landscape with a strong sense of self grounded in their cultural roots.

Join us in cherishing the beauty of linguistic diversity at Wockhardt Global School, where every language is a thread weaving into the vibrant fabric of our educational community.


Wockhardt Global School - Mother tongue Programme

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