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Welcome to Wockhardt Global School’s Art and Creative Expression Hub!

At Wockhardt Global School (WGS), we believe in nurturing the creative spirit within each student. Our vibrant Arts program encompasses both Visual and Performing Arts, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that go beyond traditional academic boundaries.


Music is an integral part of the WGS academic journey. Beyond conventional music education, we provide lessons in traditional Indian instruments such as Veena, Tabla, Carnatic vocal, and Indian dance. Whether students are aspiring vocalists or instrumentalists, our Music program encourages exploration and mastery of diverse musical forms.

Visual Arts Performing Arts (VAPA):

Our Visual Arts Performing Arts (VAPA) department serves as a dynamic platform for creative expression. Embracing drama, film, fine arts, and photography, we recognize these mediums as powerful forms of communication and artistic expression. The VAPA curriculum is designed to weave these diverse art forms into a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience.

Holistic Arts Curriculum:

The VAPA department at WGS goes beyond traditional boundaries, viewing the arts in historical, cultural, and social contexts. By integrating Drama, Film, Fine Arts, and Photography into a seamless curriculum, we offer students a holistic understanding of the arts. This approach provides a unique forum for students to study various artistic lenses, fostering the development, assimilation, and transmission of knowledge, skills, and attitudes from different cultural traditions.

Whether you are exploring academy schools near you, seeking the best schools nearby, or specifically looking for a school that values a robust Arts education, Wockhardt Global School stands out. Our Arts programs not only cultivate creativity but also instill a deep appreciation for diverse cultural traditions.

Join us at Wockhardt Global School’s Art and Creative Expression Hub, where every student’s artistic journey is celebrated, nurtured, and given the platform to flourish. Unleash your creative potential at WGS!

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