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Wockhardt Global School Library: Nurturing a Culture of Reading and Exploration

At Wockhardt Global School (WGS), we believe in cultivating a love for reading, recognizing it as a fundamental skill and an invaluable source of joy. Our school libraries serve as vibrant hubs of learning, offering not only an extensive collection of physical books but also a rich array of digital resources, online databases, films, and e-books. We go beyond traditional boundaries by providing students access to a diverse range of media, fostering a holistic approach to information consumption.

Key Features of WGS Library:

  • Diverse Collection:

    Our libraries boast a vast and varied collection of tangible books, spanning genres and subjects. From classic literature to contemporary works, students have access to a treasure trove of knowledge and imagination.

  • Digital Resources:

    Embracing the digital age, our libraries offer a wealth of online resources, including e-books, digital media content, and access to online databases. This ensures that students can explore the ever-expanding world of knowledge through various mediums.

  • Innovative Library Management Software:

    WGS employs state-of-the-art Library Management Software, empowering students with online access to library resources. This seamless integration of technology enhances the efficiency of resource utilization.

  • Storytelling Corners:

    Recognizing the importance of storytelling in early education, each library features quiet storytelling corners. These cozy spaces are designed to spark the imagination and foster a love for narratives.

The Library as a Learning Hub:

Our library facility is the beating heart of the WGS community, serving as a focal point for teaching, learning, and exploration. It’s a dynamic and flexible space, thoughtfully designed based on best practices and research, allowing students to delve into resources in various formats.

Library’s Role in Education:

The library plays a crucial role in enabling, encouraging, and empowering individuals within the school community. It serves as a catalyst for innovative learning experiences, nurturing passionate learners who are curious about the world of knowledge. Our resources, curated from diverse sources both within India and abroad, offer an enriching tapestry of learning experiences suitable for all ages.

Online (Remote) Library Access:

For convenient access to our library resources from anywhere, we provide online (remote) access. Click here to explore the virtual library.

Please find below WGS Policy:

  1. WGS – Admission Policy
  2. WGS – Assessment Policy
  3. WGS – Inclusion Policy
  4. WGS – Language Policy
  5. WGS – Academic Integrity Policy

Wockhardt Global School - Library Resources

Wockhardt Global School - Library Resources

Wockhardt Global School - Library Resources

Wockhardt Global School - Library Resources

Wockhardt Global School - Library Resources

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