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Explore the Flourishing Flora and Fauna at Wockhardt Global School

Discover the enchanting world of flora and fauna that graces the sprawling campus of Wockhardt Global School (WGS). Our school campus is not merely beautiful; it transcends traditional notions of beauty. The lush greenery and diverse wildlife contribute to an immersive learning experience, fostering a profound connection with nature and its vibrant energy. Stepping onto our campus is an awe-inspiring journey, where nature unfolds its wonders like an open canvas.

At WGS, we recognize that creating wonders is one thing, but preserving them is an art. Our commitment to environmental care and conservation reflects the nurturing spirit of our student community. To uphold this responsibility, we have meticulously identified and documented every plant and animal species thriving within our campus. Here are some of the remarkable species that call our school campus home.

Our exploration journey involved a fascinating process that turned us into inquirers about various facets of life. Initiating with a timeline, we embarked on an adventurous quest throughout our campus, capturing new discoveries through photographs, and meticulously cataloging each plant and animal’s family and unique characteristics. This process, filled with excitement and challenges, served as a platform for continuous improvement and pushed us beyond our limits. Managing time effectively, we successfully completed the task.

The collection of flora and fauna curated by our students is a captivating ensemble, inviting you to delve deeper into the diverse and vibrant world that thrives within our school grounds.

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