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Flora and Fauna are one of the most mesmerising, enchanting and stunning elements of our school campus. It would be an understatement to say that our campus is beautiful, our campus is beyond the walls of beauty, the flora and fauna adds to the whole learning experience and helps us connect to nature and feel the energy. A step in school is enough to take you aback by the display of sheer glee and watching our campus turn into nature’s empty canvas we are simply speechless. 

Creations are wonderful but the preservation of the creation is an art in itself, we are determined to take care of every creation of mother nature here at WGS, we are caring student which is why such tasks come naturally for us, for that same reason we have taken the time to recognise each and every plant and animal that is a part of our campus so here are some of the species that can be found in our school campus.

The intricate process took us through the journey which made us inquirers about different aspects of life!We started by making a timeline, which later we tried and followed, we went on an adventure through our campus in which we made many new discoveries, we took photos and precisely identified each plant’s and animal’s family and other related specifications. The process was extremely fun and exciting because a challenging task always gives us scope for improvement and helps us cross the boundaries of our own limitations, we juggled our time in order to manage the whole plan, we made it! The collection of the flora and fauna made by us is an interesting set to look at, it is sure to provoke you to know more about our flora and fauna.

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